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L. AMIRALL ORTHOPEDIC CENTER | Investing in Your Health

January 11th. 2019

L. Almirall Orthopedic Center was born more than 80 years ago to offer orthopedic services to its clients to improve their daily life. Loreto Almirall is the third generation of her family who runs the establishment. She explains how she invests in improvements for the people’s quality of life.

You offer orthopedic services with the aim of improving the people’s quality of life as much as possible. How are you achieving that?

We go one step ahead of other conventional and traditional products. So much so that we are constantly looking for new materials and products that offer solutions to the health problems of our customers. Moreover, we constantly study new techniques and work closely with the most innovative brands in the orthopedics sector. We select them considering the investments they make researching new products, and the quality of the materials that they use in their articles.

How do you invest in giving a quality service?

In addition to the investments in acquiring products and the training of our staff, we also supply our customers with wheelchairs during the time we fix theirs. Our after-sales service is effective fixing quickly the materials and ensuring that our customers always have their orthopedic products.

Do you have a podiatry service?

Yes. Additionally to orthopedic products, we also have podiatric services available to our clients. Our professionals are not only specialized in diabetic feet, but they advise also their patients on the best treatments available for their disease. Finally, it is also worth noting that we make 3D templates for all types of patients.

Do you collaborate with social projects?

Since we believe that all people have the right to access prosthetics and orthopedic products to have a better quality of life, we collaborate with several associations in a project to reuse orthopedic material. In L. Almirall Orthopedic Center, we repair the products that are damaged and we make all the necessary arrangements so that they reach the neediest people.

We have already donated more than 500 items. For those who want to see exactly the collaboration of our patients and the work of our center, you can consult the website and see the products and the name of the donor.

What innovations have you introduced in your establishment?

We have monthly promotions and we bring new items every year. We give importance to quality and to the brands that improve their products regularly.

Our team, moreover, is constantly trained. We believe that knowledge is the basis that allows us to inform our clients about which product best suits their needs, with the maximum certainty. That is why we constantly go to fairs and congresses.

What are your projects for the future?

We will continue investing in learning, offering personalized attention to each client, recommending the best product considering every need, and maintaining quality and competitive prices.

Furthermore, we will continue innovating in our range of products with the best items in the national and international market. On the other hand, we want to maintain and enhance the products that help the neediest people by increasing our collaborations supporting projects for cancer patients.

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