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Gaudí Shopping

Torrents Gianni

Torrents Gianni

Av. Gaudí, 60
08025 Barcelona
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Torrents Gianni

The history of Torrents Gianni starts in 1959 as a family business specializing in jewelery and watches.

They are specialists in the sale and repair of jewelery. In addition to the classic designs, they also have the latest collections of a new generation of young artists, whose pieces are creating a new concept of jewelery.

Concerned about local sustainability, they sell creations by local authors in argent and yellow gold. They prioritize purchases from nearby jewelers; and all the pieces that are not sold, they recycle them.

The watches have been adapting to the last trends, from the string watch to the quartz watch, the solar and smartwatch. The origin of these watches, due to the lack of local manufacturers, comes mainly from Switzerland, Japan, Holland, and Sweden.

They also have a workshop service where they repair and redesign jewelry and watches.

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Also online sale!

Opening hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 10:30h. to 14:00h. and from 17:00h. to 20:00h. Saturday from 10:30h. to 14:00h.

Jewelry, watchmaking and costume jewelery

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