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L. ALMIRALL ORTHOPEDIC CENTER | Improving the Quality of Life of People

December 17th. 2018

Loreto Almirall is responsible for L. Almirall Orthopedic Centers. She attended the University Abat Oliba in Barcelona where she graduated in Administration and Business Management, and she is also an orthopedic technician. The center that she currently runs opened its doors in 1939 in the spirit of "helping people to choose the most appropriate items for their pathologies".

In its 80-year history, there have been different changes marked by the generations of the family that have run the center. Loreto is part of the third generation, and her achievements have to do, mainly, with the online sales and the business presence on the Internet. That is how, embracing changes and improvements, she professionalized the team of L. Almirall Orthopedic Center over the years, and nowadays they can offer a much closer relationship with the clients who rely on them.

What are the main health problems of the people who come to your center? And how do you help them?

In general terms, most problems have to do with the typical disorders in advanced age. Our clients mainly suffer from diseases and pathologies that keep them from moving autonomously or standing, and have problems in their feet and joints, respiratory affections and, also, mastectomies.

We offer an individual treatment for each patient to minimize their problems. With our products, we try to make their daily life easier, give support to people and reduce their pain through orthoses, prostheses or technical aids.

Do you monitor the results to ensure that your products do their job improving the quality of life of your customers?

Yes, we make specific monitoring of all those products that require it. Our goal is working with the patient and listening to him carefully until we are able to adapt the prosthesis to his or her specific needs.

What is the main safety tips you tell to your clients?

The team of qualified professionals of the L. Almirall Orthopedic Center recommend to the clients to use the articles that can have a better long-term result. To achieve this, we treat each client in a personalized way so that they choose the best product considering the price-quality ratio.

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