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March 7th. 2019

TANU is an NGO that helps children in Ukraine. More than 15 years ago, a group of familiesarrived in the city of Nikopol, in Ukraine, discovering during a pleasure trip something thatwould change their lives forever: the rights of the boys and girls from Nikopol orphanagewere not being properly defended, which made the future of these children become seriouslydangerous.

Such was the impact it had on them that they decided to start working to help these childrenshowing them family values, promoting love against violence, tolerance againstdiscrimination, smiles against sadness. Thus, in the year 2000 they managed to bring thefirst 10 children from Ukraine to Spain.

Since that first trip, they have been working on getting more children to have the opportunityto travel to Spain thanks to host families, thus creating an ongoing relationship between theSpanish family and the Ukrainian one.

Welcoming children is an altruistic, disinterested and temporary act that provides anenvironment of esteem, understanding, attention and dedication to a child who needs it.

In TANU, they look for families that can offer these children this opportunity and can also bepart of their team or, as they like to say, their tribe. Families able to modify inertias andcreate new dynamics of change in the particular lives of these children.

Attend the information sessions next April to help young Ukrainians have a summer thatpromotes family values.

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