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QUIROPRÁCTICA GANDI | One Step Closer to Health

November 14th. 2018

The chiropractic center Gandi, located in our neighborhood, wants to bring us closer to the knowledge of this area of health. Let’s discover what the chiropractic technique is and how it can help people. 

The most important thing in health centers are people. You have recently recruited Ms. Stéphanie Lardans to your team. 

Our new recruitment in Chiropractic Center Gandi, Ms. Lardans, has a master’s degree in Chiropractic from the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona (UPF in Spanish), an advanced degree in Chiropractic from the Barcelona College of Chiropractic (BCC), and she is a member of the Spanish Association of Chiropractic (AEQ in Spanish). Her first contact with the health sector was when she started to study medicine, but her discovery of chiropractic changed her view of health and healing. She explains that she appreciated the fact that she could improve health in a natural way.

Her restless attitude makes her continue her training and currently, she is specializing in Functional Neurology to help children and adults who suffer from behavioral and emotional disorders, such as anxiety, depression, autism, hyperactivity or dyslexia. 

What is the history of your center?

We opened our doors in June 2017 and we are proud to say that, since then, our patient community has grown substantially and is still growing. Our first goal was offering a natural care, which was safe and clinically effective. And our biggest satisfaction is seeing how the health, wellbeing and quality of life of our patients get better. That’s the present we got from our job and that’s the raison d’être of chiropractic center Gandi. 

Also, the confidence that our patience showed in us allowed us to open a second center. And that is so gratifying for us, since we work to offer the best service for them, based on their concrete needs and offering them a very personalized treatment. 

How would you define chiropractic?

Chiropractic is the science that analyzes and takes care of the spinal column in a specific and natural way. Our health depends on the capacity of our nervous system for transmitting messages between our brain and our body through our nerves. So the chiropractor evaluates our nervous system to find out if there is any interference in this transmission of nerve impulses, and corrects the spinal column with gentle and specific manual adjustments, in order to restore the proper function of our body.


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