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Gaudí Shopping

Green Kiss

Green Kiss

Av. Gaudí, 87
08025 Barcelona
Tel. 930 23 46 44manuel@greenkiss.esVisit website

Green Kiss

Specialty in healthy food, salads, toasts, creams, soups, brunches, desserts, smoothies and juices made at the moment.

Dishes and smoothies made with vegetables and seasonal fruits, organic and KM 0.

They are distinguished by having:

       Always fresh product!

Specialty in healthy food. They work fruits and vegetables of season, KM0 and ecological brought each morning and prepared in front of you.

       Healthy food to go!

They are born with a clear philosophy: Why not eat healthy at a reasonable price and being able to take it anywhere? From the sofa at home always feel better ?

      Eat healthy and enjoy it!

Healthy eating has always been related to not enjoying what we eat. They want to change that perception in people. Eating a healthy diet now tastes better!

Opening hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 09:00h. to 21:00h. Saturday from 10:00h. to 18:00h. Sunday from 10:00h. to 21:00h.


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