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The hospital for waiters

The hospital for waiters

Sant Antoni de Maria Claret, 135
08005 Barcelona


Could a building break down class barriers? Yes, L’Aliança did it. Josep Domènech i Masana inaugurated in 1917 the new centre Mutualitat de Previsió Social de la Germandat de Cambrers, known popularly as L’Aliança, a medical care centre that for decades cared for waiters and workers to merchants and bourgeoisies

Solidarity and class struggle

The ingenuity of Josep Domènech i Masana created in 1917 one of the most beautiful buildings of functional modernism in Barcelona. L’Aliança, which was popularly known, opened the doors at 135 Carrer de Sant Antoni de Maria Claret to waiters, workers, merchants and bourgeoisies, offering its healthcare services.

 The healthcare organization, however, had already been founded in 1904 as Mutualitat de Previsió Social de la Germandat de Cambrer s,and operated in a tiny clinic in Sant Gervasi district. As the original name indicates, in its beginnings, it only offered health services to the waiters union who, until then, had to be attended at charity centres. On the other hand, Domenech i Masana's new work allowed the number of patients to be expanded.

 Thus, after caring for several unions, the building continued to keep its sanitary link reaching the largest private medical group in Catalunya, in accordance with the high number of policyholders. The old hospital rethinked its utility and, at the moment, it develops its activity as geriatric under the brand Quinta de Salut L’ Aliança.

How to arrive
  • Metro:   Sant Pau Dos de Maig (L5)
  • Bus:   Av. Gaudí – C/ Castillejos (N1, N4)

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