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As suggests the name of the long street that traverses the neighbourhood, the industry was “the distinguishing mark” during the first half of the twentieth century.

The Damm brewery, founded in 1910, was the result of the union of the three leading companies in the sector at that time. This new company that emerged took advantage of the facilities of one of its founders, La Bohemia, located between the streets of Rosselló and Còrsega.

 At that initial moment, it was an enormous facility that produced 20,000 of beer hectolitres, and needed more than forty workers for its operation. It was active until 1992, and during these almost ninety years of activity, it was the main production centre of the popular beer brand.

 Currently, the official headquarters of the company are located here, but without any industrial activity. From time to time, the venue opens its doors to the public in important festivals and events. The first occasion was La Mercè 2007, when the brand celebrated its 130th anniversary.

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