Gaudí Shopping

Gaudí Shopping

Unstoppable against leukemia

June 3rd. 2017

We  join the Josep Carreras Foundation for Leukemia. Patients, family and friends will walk Gaudí Avenue to give voice to those who suffer from this disease and set a date so that leukemia is a curable disease in all cases.

WE WILL WAIT FOR YOU! On June 17 at 11 a.m. in the avenue Gaudí corner Sant Antoni Maria Claret. We will take a walk from Sant Antoni María Claret to the Sagrada Familia and return to the Modernist Precinct of Sant Pau. Do not miss the workshops of storytelling (OH MY BLOC) and relaxation (MEL OF ROMANI). Come to taste a tea and to the market of solidarity products.

That leukemia will be cured is a fact: every day that passes is one day less for the definitive cure. But much remains to be investigated. Help us to set an end date on leukemia. That date can be TOMORROW #PonleFecha

From June 10 to June 28 displays will be placed in Gaudi Shopping stores for you to sign for the end date of  leukemia and explain why. Also you can send us a photo with your message and the hashtag #PonleFecha and we will upload it to the Gaudi Shopping Instagram. You will find cards for messages in Gauddí Shopping stores.

Also  the Gaudi Shopping stores  will have boxes for donations and brochures to become partner of the Josep Carreras Foundation, as well as t-shirts, candles, pens and other items for sale to raise funds for investigation. This will leave fewer days for the definitive cure of leukemia.

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