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Gaudí Shopping

B DE BARCELONA | Artisan, Original and Made in the City

February 5th. 2019

Small trade is a trend! Actually, it never stopped being it. That is why establishments like B de Barcelona (B of Barcelona) are the alternative to the typical souvenirs from the city. They offer products designed and produced in Barcelona by architects, graphic and industrial designers, jewelers, artisans and model makers, among others. It is their job to produce creations that make us fall in love at first sight, every time we get into the shop and discover objectives as different as curious.

The history of B de Barcelona begins with Maite Guillem. He trained in Administration and Marketing and began her professional career working as an administrator. Over time, she ended up occupying positions related to communication and contact with the media. She ventured to open the doors of B de Barcelona on April 23, 2015, to show his passion for originality and discover the commercial sector in the Catalan capital.

A Very Own DNA

Maite lived in the Sagrada Familia area. She was addicted to walking around the streets of the neighborhood while thinking: "Hum! The memories of the city could be much better and offer something that people really value, based on their local production and on taking something different from the city, something as unique as Barcelona is."

Thus, willing to give their customers something that deserves a space in the homes of tourists and citizens, she decided to look for "Barcelona-inspired products made by people from Barcelona in Barcelona", she says with a laugh. That is why the store has a triple B of Barcelona.

"I wanted to offer an authentic Barcelona, ​​the city seen through the eyes of creative professionals from the city, by approaching many disciplines”. That is why she works with local professionals in graphic design, illustration, photography, industrials, jewelers or potters, among many others. Because they make the authentic Barcelona art!

In addition, Maite has a spirit of solidarity, and she encourages us to consult the social initiatives with which she constantly collaborates.

They Deserve a Prize!

Due to this inspiration and values such as perseverance, they received an award! The Barcelona City Council selected them as winners of the Premis Comerç (Trade Awards) as the most Innovative Commercial Initiative of 2016. And this is their satisfaction: knowing that they offer something different and people recognize the love that they put into their work.

We invite all citizens and tourists to visit this establishment and discover the new arrivals that delight everyone who walks through the shop. There are often promotional campaigns so you can enjoy discounts. And remember: every day, they open their blinds with a smile and a lot of love.

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